The Somethin’ Or Other Tour

Doing Random Things on Youtube. Presented by Vertlife.

About Us


Our Approach

Two Brothers Doin' This And That

We started this web series to share our adventures and other cool experiences.

Our intention is to entertain and add just a little bit of positivity, inspiration and fun to the world.

What Do We Do

The goal is for every weekly episode to be something completely different. A weird museum, an abandoned factory, or a stadium tour. We want people to be surprised each week.

Our Story

Our Story

Dylan is an unsuccessful and unaccomplished struggling artist that has been involved in all sorts of creative media, from running a music label for years to video production and graphic design. As a producer and artist he has released a variety of creative projects over the last 15 years through his company Vertlife Entertainment.

Cole is the kid brother that enjoys sports and the great outdoors. He has no experience with video production so any issues with the production you see, blame them on him.

We both have a great sense of adventure and want to see the entire world. Not just the big famous things, but the weird, quirky and unknown as well. We decided to try and share it with everybody.

Meet the Team

This is us. We are here. To do stuff.


Dylan Sesco

Creator & Producer

The real brains of the operation (oh and the looks).

Founder of Vertlife Entertainment.


Cole Scott

Co-Host & Cameraman

This guy will eat every chimichanga in your house.



Music Director

Seaz does a lot of the music including the theme song. Purchase some original beats from him HERE.

Official Producer Of Vertlife Entertainment.



Guest Host

When Cole is not around, little-little brother Jett subs in and does a much better job.


Becca & Adri

SOOT 4 Broads

Our female correspondents and frequent collaborators in Los Angeles.




She doesn't do anything on the show, we just want to show her off because we love her.