We decided to start filming our adventures. We just liked exploring and finding dope things to do.

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  • Very 1st NHL Hockey
  • These kids outside t
  • Shoutout @hatch86fil
  • Death-defying stunts
  • Finding ourselves at
  • Just some characters
  • Who else goes wild f
  • Chains & dangalangs
  • Walking a different
  • We got to see all th
  • Watch us make movie
  • Wandering around the
  • Hey.
  • Chasing waterfalls
  • Pitchers and catcher
  • We had a great time
  • Explore EAST JESUS w
  • Explore the lawlessn
  • We filmed 3 months w
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Meet the two brothers that started this dog and pony show.

Dylan Sesco

Host & Editor

Dylan is a hip-hop artist from the Bay Area, CA. Loves movies, sports, traveling, random history, video production and struggling to get people to listen to his music. He has around 15 years of amateur video production experimenting, and is also the owner of Vertlife Entertainment.

Cole Scott

Camerman & Co-Host

The cameraman and occasional funny-man. Cole is a student athlete in southern California. Loves sports, traveling, movies and doing a lil this and a lil that.


About The Tour

"On random free days, my favorite thing to do was go explore and find dope places and dope things. If it wasn't a sporting event, you could find me exploring. Our crew had a random performance in Southern California in early 2015 so we planned a road trip. Afterwards we had a free day in Los Angeles, so we randomly drove around and I pointed out different things. "They filmed a movie there", "a famous person died there", that sort of thing. Later that night, Chachi The Man said "I feel like I should pay you for that tour". The idea hit me.

I've always been a fan of travel shows, but they always seem to be either geared towards older people or different demographics. I wanted to do something more for the hip-hop generation.

I also took inspiration from a song I wrote called "Sunset In Hawaii" and some deep conversations with friends. Too many of us didn't get to see the world, or even much of our own state. Too many friends dead or in jail, or just don't realize what they're missing. I hope to inspire people to explore and have fun."


Contact Info

  • Bay Area, CA


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